Overview: Bulk Sender Email SMS Bulk Sender Email SMS is a bulk mailing software. It allows multiple servers to be combined for increased capacity.
Powerful bulk mailing software for Email and SMS

Bulk Sender Email SMS is a bulk mailing software for sending emails and SMS in bulk. It allows for the user to increase the sending capacity by combining multiple servers if a list grows too long for one server to handle, so the lists needn't be split up.

Bulk Sender Email SMS allows the user to add multiple lists, such as membership lists and customer lists, as many as needed. The user can customize a list by adding custom fields and lists can be copied and pasted from, for example, MS Excel or Open Office.

The same lists can be used for sending out both emails and SMS

When sending out a message (via email or SMS), the message can be modified with details of the current record, such as first name, city or street address (this example requires that fields containing information on city and street address have been added first by the user whereas 'first name' is a predefined field). For example, it is possible to send out an email to the members of a certain organization, asking the members to check the information registered on them.


At one community center, this software has been used for sending out information to members via email and SMS. Below follows the testimonial from the administrator of this community center:

"This software has proven to be an extremely valuable tool at our community center. The first step when we collect membership information has been to collect email addresses and later send out requests that the email addresses be confirmed by the members (by filtering out a selection of records, I was able to send out requests only to those who had not confirmed their emails). As I know a little Basic ,I was able to add some script lines to send out membership summaries to each confirmed member with information such as membership number, first name, last name, address, mobile number etc. and request that they review this information and , if necessary, correct it.

One problem was that the number of confirmed members exceeded 100 people, which was the limit of my free mail server. The support informed me, however, about a feature how to add additional servers to increase the capacity and now I have no problem if the number of records in my list exceeds 100. Even if the number of members would increase to 500 in the future, I anticipate no problem with it, as a couple of more servers can be added then without having to split up the list or sending at different occasions.

Occasionally, we use the software for sending out SMS (using Clickatell), especially when requesting information from members who haven't submitted their email addresses. When sending SMS to the members, we typically include the membership number of each registered member as a reference in the SMS."

One woman successfully used the software to send out job applications to prospective employers:

"It was really super-easy to send out my job applications using this software. Basically, we just started by collecting the email addresses from the Internet, within my particular field. In each message we needed to include the website where we found their email address (so they knew how we got it) and the company's name. It was easy to solve this using a replacement script, just like it had been demonstrated in the video tutorial. The layout of the message was also very appealing with different fonts and colors. The software handled everything automatically, and the applications were sent in a blink of an eye. I didn't expect much, but I actually received a lot of replies, many of them positive, and I got about 4 job interviews and finally a job. I would really recommend this software to anyone looking for work."

Anne, child care worker

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